Mar. 12th, 2010


Mar. 12th, 2010 10:12 am
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My poor night of sleep (filled with all the terrors of a poorly-operating installation of Photoshop, sigh) is slipping into my work.

One of the interns was nice enough to get me coffee from Cups, the local coffee shop a few buildings down. A large soy latte, for those of you keeping score at home.

Later, I heard "Here's your big one," before I turned around to see what he was talking about.

Hee. Big one. LOL.

I need sleep.

(PS: Eammon made this one. I can tell because it has his tell-tale signature latte art, the leaf. He makes the best lattes.)

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This here b yr updatez.

A-Kon 21 -- -- Officially on June 4 - 6, 2010

We're going to Kon!

Our plan is to leave early Thursday morning and leave around lunch time on Sunday. Some people request Monday off work too because we'll make it back to Jackson around 10pm or so usually. I'm more hardcore than that though.


Team Jackson - Kristin, Jack, Ben, Billy, Heather, Mark, Jason.
Out of Towners (that are regged with us) - Kyle, Jay, Lisa, Keith, Chris, Marley, Vinnie, Colby, Melissa P
Maybe - Abby, Melissa W, Bob

Separate Group - Team USMAC. Jason, Zack, Danny, etc. They have their own travel plans.


I have TWO rooms in my name currently for three nights. If I can not fill both though, I will cancel the second. 6 is a nice number of people per room. People can be moved around as requested, just putting names down to fill space.

Rooms will have 2 queens sized beds, which comfortably fit 2 adults. There's room on the floor for inflatable mattresses.

Price per room is roughly $185 per night, with tax included. Estimated total is $1,104 for the weekend. You can see why I'd like the rooms filled! If (IF!) we have 6 people per room, it'd be about $100 each for the weekend - not so bad at that point. Price will be divided per room, so it may not be worth it to keep the second room unless I get people in it. Money will be required by the week *before* we go to kon.

(another cost to consider would be parking fees at the hotel, but that comes later. Usually paid by splitting cost among riders per car, just like gas.)

Kristin, Jack, Ben, Billy, Heather, Kyle, Melissa W?
ROOM TWO: Mark, Jason. Bob? Jay?

Generally, people caravan from whatever city they're departing from.

Team Jackson has 7 people now, could increase to 8 or 9 people though. At least two cars will be required and it's doable but crowded to have more than 4 people per vehicle.

Does anyone have a car that they'd be willing to drive? Otherwise we'll have to look into rental vehicles and the cost therein. Best to know sooner than later on rentals.

Car One - Mark is driving, with Jason riding. Room for 2 more.

I haven't seen any plans on this. Only half mentioned so far was Ghostbusters. Could be done under $100 each I think but you're running out of time if you want to do anything with a group...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
REPLY if you have ideas on A-Kon Travel Arrangements, have your own room, etc and I'll mark it all down.
This can include room preferences, hotel changes, if you don't want to go, if you DO want to go (prereg info at the bottom), if you have a car or need a ride, etc.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
A-Kon prereg goes up on April 1st. Currently $45, will go up to $48. May 1st is the cut off date for preregistration.

There's a t-shirt contest going on. Winner gets free badges and hotel accomodations. Deadline is April 1st.

Also, I need to know who's in our group so that I can make group pick-up arrangements. This is due by May 1st.

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