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I know, I know. I've been a bad journaler these last couple of years or so.

First, there was the end of my college career. I was busy trying to graduate while still working enough to pay my rent. Time was tight, but at least I was still doing some interesting things that I felt were worth sharing with friends and internet strangers. The closer I got to senior project though, the slower my updates got.

Around that time, twitter popped up and I started to slowly incorporate it into my posting routine. It's perfect for all the tiny thoughts I had that really didn't deserve any elaboration or followup. It was also great to text questions and such to friends w/o text plans.

Senior project consumed my free time that was left, and it became just twitter posts. Often little cries for help/sanity/companionship. Journal entries started to only be occasional updates on school projects and the like.

I graduated. I moved back to Jackson. I started to live with my husband again (finally!) and got into a comfortable rhythm of domestic bliss. There was less intarwubbery going on and more face to face activities. Besides, I could only post so often about how nicely vacuumed the living room had become, right?

And now, I'm working more or less full time and still having an active social life. I'm doing THINGS, but most of it feels like a comfortable rut that doesn't need to be repeated online. This is not an excuse, but a fact. I know that if it'd bore me to read about it again, it'd certainly get skipped by all of you.

Alice in WonderlandOr does it?
Here comes my weekend recap for the first weekend of March.

Friday evening had most of us rushing from work to reach the MS Museum of Art in time for the 6:30 pm interactive showing of the Labyrinth. We didn't know really what all this would feature, or what sort of crowd it would pull, or even if we'd enjoy it. But we knew we liked the movie, and we knew we'd have fun if we all went together. And I'm very glad we did! As it turns out, the showing room was completely packed with some folks standing around since the chairs were filled. There were some children, but it was mostly thirty-somethings squealing and singing along with childish delight as David Bowie entranced us with his songs and very inappropriate pants.

I was greeted by a somewhat put-off goblin as I walked in the door with my cell phone stuck to the side of my head. Whoops. I liked the in-characterness, but I was still trying to rally the troops! Ah well. Once inside, participants were given a bag of goodies to interact with and the instruction booklet, a glow necklace, choice of foam bits to use as rocks, and poppers to use at the end of the movie. Inside the bag were items like a mask, headband horns (goblin horns!), a baby rattle, a candy bracelet, a gummy fruit, and foam darts to shoot with. If you wanted fancier costume bits you could purchase them from the gift shop for reasonable prices, and if you wanted adult beverages then that could be purchased at the cafe.

We ended up having a nice group together. Heather was first, followed soon by Ryar & Courtney, then Shawn and Andy. Later we saw the addition of Melissa, then finally Team Saks - Jack, Billy, and Abby. Sitting near us were the Magnolia Roller Vixens too, so that was fun :)

There were people dressed as all the main characters of the movie, and a baby doll that was amusing tossed about during appropriate scenes. Goblins interacted with the crowd all throughout the movie. I personally liked getting to shoot darts at the glowing faeries that dangled over us, and later the dangling baby. We sang along loudly and even recited favorite lines throughout. I realized after the showing that the booklet included the lyrics. Funny, but I never saw anyone reach for that during the movie. :)

After the movie ended (with much applause!) our groups split up. Some stayed to see the Henson exhibit for free, while the rest of us went to grab a bite to eat and catch the new Alice in Wonderland movie.

About dinner, all I have to say is this: Karaoke is horrifying, and we would have gone somewhere else to eat if we had known Alumni House would distress us with drunken country howling.

About the movie... I am more conflicted and I don't know how to summarize it. I think this will be done in a bullet style listing.
• I'm very glad that the movie was an original story, and not just a spooky rehash of the original.
• Burton did not, in fact, take something that was not black and have it painted black. I was surprised.
• The actress who had the part of Alice did a nice job, but I wish her role wasn't over-shined by all the supporting cast of 'Underland'
• I love Johnny Depp, but I still feel that (1) his makeup was ridiculous and (2) the character didn't need a role as important as it became. That said, I liked the Scottish twist on his character and wish that had been more prominent than the Jack Sparrow-esque bits that shone through.
• While the CGI was relatively balanced between foreground and background, I sort of felt that it was pretty unnecessary. Harken back to Henson-esque devices and it would have made me happier.
• The White Queen? Amazing.
• The Red Queen? Not as amazing as she could have been, though well done all the same.
• Crispin Glover played his normal Creepy Crispin Glover part. Great as always.
• The Jabberwocky/Bandersnatch/JubJub Bird parts were fun, BUT
• The plot wandered a bit. Again, I think the problem is trying to make other characters as important as Alice.

All in all, I enjoyed it a lot. I'm glad I didn't watch it in 3-D since my eyes can't focus properly for it, but I hear it was a wash for effects anyway. Jack and I are both Wonderland aficionados (I love Oz a bit more, but they both hold places in my little fantasy-glomed heart) and we both enjoyed the movie a great deal despite it's flaws. I'd give it 3 out of 4 stars, and it will certainly earn a place on our DVD shelves when it comes out for purchase.

TL;DR version of this post:
* Yes, I don't post much. So what.
* Interactive Labyrinth was amazing. Bowie's inappropriate pants didn't bother me as a child. Humm.
* Alice in Wonderland (2-D) is worth a matinee viewing at the very least. I liked it.


~ SciFi's Tin Man miniseries was excellent and I highly recommend it.
~ Mom's week-long visit is over, and I am sad to see her go.
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