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Things accomplished since I woke up 3 hours ago:
  1. St. Paddy's Meal assembled and put into the crockpot. A five pound chunk o' corned beef with a large sweet onion and a few cut up potatoes went into the slow cooker. This was topped with the pickling/seasoning packet, a liter of beef stock, and copious amounts of brown mustard and garlic. Later tonite I'll boil up some cabbage for the side, and I may bake extra potatoes since the Anime Nite crowd tends to be a hungry one. Rumor has it that someone else will bring the Guinness and Smithwicks.

  2. Yesterday's dishes were put up. Last night/today's dishes were hand washed; we don't have a dishwasher. Sink was then scrubbed, followed by cleaning all the kitchen counters.

  3. The dryer's load was brought in and folded or hung as appropriate. A second load went into the washer and is now in the dryer.

  4. Dog toys were picked up and piled together and all the removed stuffing was thrown away. Floors were swept in every room.

  5. The carpeted rooms were then vacuumed. It's making a funny noise - mental note to disassemble the dyson and clean it out.

  6. The dining room table was partially cleared. The coffee table in the living room is now clean as well.

  7. I remembered that hadn't found this week's episode of Durarara!! for tonite's Anime Nite. This involved me first jump starting the computer with a screwdriver as the power button is toast. The episode was duely located online and torrented surprisingly fast.

  8. I had breakfast. Nom.

  9. The computer case came in the mail! It's sitting in the hall currently, as we're still waiting for the harddrive to arrive.

  10. I recalled that I wanted to test out the DeVeDe program, and see how it compares to ConvertXtoDVD. That'll take a while, so...

  11. I made a pot of french press coffee. Then...

  12. I ironed two skirts that I've been procrastinating about. They look much better now. Then...

  13. I drank my coffee. Delicious.

  14. And finally.. burning the dvd. Let's see how this one worked!

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