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2010-04-20 09:24 am
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Below are some quick additions & news you can use!  


Feel free to forward this to the friends you think might be interested; cons are always more fun in groups. To unsubscribe from this e-newsletter, go to www.a-kon.com and you can unsubscribe from the homepage (near the upper right page margin) (PLEASE don’t report us as spam-it can shut down our server for everybody who DOES want it-just delete it or unsubscribe). 





Has been set as APRIL 30, 2010. After that date, you can only get memberships at the convention itself, at our On-Site Registration desk (only exception to this is May 1, at two Dallas-area comic stores on Free Comic Book Day – see below).


ALL requests for refund must be made by MAY 1, 2010After this date, NO REFUND REQUESTS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR ANY REASON. (Requests made before May 1 may still be processed after May 1, but no NEW requests will be accepted.  We must shut down the databases for badge processing and it takes several weeks.





Have been set as follows:


Weekend: $60 (includes all concerts)

Friday 1-day $40 (includes concerts)

Saturday 1-day $40 (includes concert)

Sunday 1-day $25

Child (6-12): $15

Child (5 and under): Free

Commemorative T-Shirt: $20


And an on-site-only bundle special: $75 (includes weekend membership and t-shirt)


All 3-day weekend registrants receive program book, program schedule & printed lanyard. PRE-Registered members receive (in addition to the above), special pre-printed, permanent, limited edition art badge and goodie bag of info, freebies, comics & little gifts.


On-site 3-day registrants get a different permanent badge. Goodie bags may be given to on-site registrants if there are leftovers from the pre-registered group (while supplies last).  





Just a reminder to our attendees: don't forget the group pick-up option (the option to pick up group badges by a single person from the group, instead of individually).  To take advantage of this option, use the handy form that has been placed in the Registration section of the forums on our website, www.a-kon.com.  Follow the directions there and you should be set for your group badge pick-up.  Beat the long lines and step up to the Exceptions Desk to grab your group and go.  Don't be caught wishing you had already reserved your group pick-up.  Once the deadline (April 30, 2010) has passed, it will be too late - do it today!





The following Texas stores will carry reduced price ($42) A-Kon® memberships until May 1:


Keith’s Comics – Dallas, Denton

More Fun Comics – Lancaster

Dragon’s Lair Comics – Austin, San Antonio

Madness! Games – Plano


GO THERE and get your memberships!




In conjunction with Free Comic Book Day (Saturday May 1), there will be manned tables atMadness! Games on Custer Rd. in Plano and Keith’s Comics on Mockingbird Ln. in Dallas, for getting last minute A-Kon® memberships. The fine folks at Madness & Keith’s have welcomed A-Kon’s participation with them, so come meet and greet and pick up a 3-day membership while you’re at it.





We are about to finish our poster this year and are looking for volunteers to hang them around their areas.  We will send 10 posters to whoever wants them.  Email chairman’at’a-kon.com, give us a name and address to send them to, and we will ship them to you.  Be part of the A-Kon® Street Team!



Dallas Symphony Presents Video Games Live June 11 & 12

A partner with A-Kon® this year, The Dallas Symphony Orchestra presents the acclaimed concertVideo Games Live™ featuring music from the biggest and most recognizable video games of all time with exclusive video footage and music arrangements, synchronized lighting, solo performers, electronic percussion, live action and unique interactive segments to create an explosive one-of-a-kind entertainment experience. For more details on the concert go to www.dallassymphony.com

FOR DISCOUNT TICKETS PLEASE CONTACT JASON LOFT at 214-871-4054 or j.loft@dalsym.com and Mention A-Kon®.  Also, look for them in the Exhibit Hall at A-Kon® and ask any questions you may have.




For the first time, A-Kon® is proud to partner with the AT&T Performing Arts Center to provide discounts on tickets. Avenue Q is Broadway's smash-hit 2004 Tony Award® winner for BEST MUSICAL, BEST SCORE and BEST BOOK.  Called "one of the funniest shows you're ever likely to see" byEntertainment WeeklyAvenue Q features a cast of people and puppets who tell the story in a smart, risqué and downright entertaining way. The New Yorker calls it "SUBVERSIVE and UPROARIOUS!"  Avenue Q tells the story of bright-eyed college grad Princeton, who comes to New York with big dreams and a small bankroll. Together, Princeton and his new friends struggle to find jobs, love and their ever elusive purpose in life.  AVENUE Q is recommended for ages 16 and older.

The show runs from May 25-June 6, 2010 and A-Kon® attendees may receive discount tickets on performances June 3-6 by entering the promo code AVEQAKON in the promo code box (located in the top right) and clicking the submit button before proceeding with your purchase on the AT & TPerforming Arts Center website,   http://tickets.attpac.org/ The new performing arts venue, theWinspear Opera House, is located at 2403 Flora StDallas TX 75201, which is just two block north of the Sheraton.

To get more information, come and check out the AT&T Performing Arts Center booth in the A-Kon®Exhibit Hall, and be sure and catch their panel on Friday of the convention (check the program schedule for exact time and location of the panel).




Last year, one of the things that created difficulty for a number of our attendees was the dollar amount that was put “On Hold” by the hotel front desk when you checked into a room. Due to industry standard, an amount has always been placed on hold upon checking in. 2009 was the first year it was such a large amount ($50 per day). This amount is not actually charged, but merely ‘held’ until needed, and released after checkout, but it did tie up funds for that length of time, making the money unavailable for purchases.  Because of the issues that came out of this practice, we met with the hotel and together we came up with a solution:

For our weekend at the Sheraton, the standard practice will be that there will be NO “On Hold” charges when checking into a room. This means that Room Service, phones and in-room movies will be turned off. If you want these services, you must inform the front desk staff. A hold will be put on the card you give them, but only IF you want the services. The choice will be yours to make, and not automatically applied.

Both A-Kon® and the Sheraton Hotel hope that this will remove some of the issues that were encountered last year.





Try as we might, sometimes things come up for our guests & event organizers that we cannot plan for.  The following guests will be unable to make it to A-Kon® due to other commitments, work, etc. that have caused schedule conflicts:


CHRIS PATTON (voice actor)

STEVE KYTE (artist)


We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to host them back next year if schedules permit. Thank you for your understanding.




Due to company purchase & restructure, the NBC MUSIC MANIA contest has been cancelled. The fine folks at NBC are extremely sorry for this cancellation and hope to work with us in the future after restructuring has been finished.



h.NAOTO and Hangry&Angry


Representatives of fashion design lines h.NAOTO and HANGRY&ANGRY will also be in attendance at A-Kon®. They will be speaking during the weekend, and you can meet them in the Exhibit Hall. h.NAOTO is known worldwide for their high fashion Gothic/Lolita clothing as well as designs worn by celebrities and rock stars. HANGRY&ANGRY are masters of animal-shaped purses and shoulder bags; they’re a perfect mix of shredded punk and kawaii.


KOENCHU Japanese game unveiled for first time at A-Kon®!


This year A-Kon® is proud to announce that Japanese gaming circle Zero Zigen will be in attendance to discuss the world of game creation and dating sims. Ever wonder what the difference is between a professional gaming company and a ‘circle’?  Wonder what goes into the creation of a game? Japanese creator Masashiro and his crew will unveil their new game Koenchofor the first time in America, at A-Kon®.  Look for their booth in the Exhibit Hall and their panel (see on-site schedule for time/location).




Sleeping Samurai travels across the land with its supply of weapons, seeking out brave souls to test themselves in battle.  They offer instruction, history and fight choreography in addition to the thrill of combat.  Whether you prefer the forms of the Crusader or the Samurai, only one can win the grand prize. 

   They will be active Friday, 6-10pm in the Special Events Area near Registration (ground floor, convention center)




UDON is an award-winning Canadian-based art collective formed in 2000. They act as both a publisher of comics, manga and art books, as well as, providing high-quality creative services to the publishing and entertainment industry. Probably best known for their longstanding relationship with Japanese video game developer Capcom, and their close tie to the Street Fighter franchise, including full color original comic series and several translated manga series. They will be located in the Exhibit Hall and will likely have panel(s) on themselves and/or their projects.




A publisher of indie mini-comics, sketchbooks & graphic novels, they do most of their own printing and some distribution. They work directly with comic creators and cover every genre from manga, comedy, horror, action, sci-fi and more. They are always on the lookout for new talent and welcome future submissions. Look for them in the Artists’ Alley.



Use the Handy Order Form below for A-Kon® 21 memberships.




Make Checks or Money Orders to "Phoenix Entertainment/A-Kon 21"


(How Many)


 ____ regular membership(s) for A-Kon® 21 ($48 for the whole show, until APR 30. No pre-registrations after that date, on-site membership is available after Apr. 30)

 ____ child membership(s)(ages 6-12) for A-Kon® ($15) (5 & under is FREE)


 _____T-shirt(s) ($20 each) __S __M __L __XL __2X __3X __4X

    (if getting multiple shirts, tell us WHO gets what size, please)If getting more than multiple memberships, but only 1 or 2 shirts, tell us WHO gets what shirt please)


 _____Sunday 2 ½ hr Meet N’Greet Reception with the Stars ($30 ea.)


YOUR NAME:__________________________________________________________

  (if ordering more than one membership, give us full names of ALL attendees. Use extra paper if necessary (or print separate forms) and please PRINT or TYPE CLEARLY). Multiple membership requests WITHOUT names for everyone cannot be processed. (We would actually prefer if each member had their own sheet filled out, OR the info all typed into one nice easily readable sheet)


NICKNAME FOR BADGE (max. 18 letters & spaces) ______________________________

     Use Standard Letters or Numbers Only (no symbols or characters)

     NO profanity, suggestive, hateful or rude badge names please. A-Kon reserves the right to require change of badge name at our sole discretion)


ADDRESS:_____________________________________________ APT: ________


CITY:_____________________________________STATE ______ZIP ________


EMAIL:______________________________________________AGE (by 6-4-10) ________


MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO:  Phoenix Entertainment/A-Kon 21”                   

SEND TO:  Phoenix Entertainment, 3000 Custer Rd., Suite 270-337, Plano TX 75075



You are subscribed to the A-Kon®/Phoenix Entertainment text-only, opt-in announcements newsletter.  We never send spam, or attachments, we only send convention information and announcements for A-Kon® anime convention, and/or other shows we are associated with (which can include "Itzacon" (general interest SF con), "AnimeDayz" (a 1-day mini-con) and others) We never give out or sell our list to any 3rd parties, or use any attachments, for your security.  To unsubscribe go to www.a-kon.co

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2010-03-12 10:38 am
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A-Kon 21 March Update

This here b yr updatez.

A-Kon 21 -- http://a-kon.com/ -- Officially on June 4 - 6, 2010

We're going to Kon!

Our plan is to leave early Thursday morning and leave around lunch time on Sunday. Some people request Monday off work too because we'll make it back to Jackson around 10pm or so usually. I'm more hardcore than that though.


Team Jackson - Kristin, Jack, Ben, Billy, Heather, Mark, Jason.
Out of Towners (that are regged with us) - Kyle, Jay, Lisa, Keith, Chris, Marley, Vinnie, Colby, Melissa P
Maybe - Abby, Melissa W, Bob

Separate Group - Team USMAC. Jason, Zack, Danny, etc. They have their own travel plans.


I have TWO rooms in my name currently for three nights. If I can not fill both though, I will cancel the second. 6 is a nice number of people per room. People can be moved around as requested, just putting names down to fill space.

Rooms will have 2 queens sized beds, which comfortably fit 2 adults. There's room on the floor for inflatable mattresses.

Price per room is roughly $185 per night, with tax included. Estimated total is $1,104 for the weekend. You can see why I'd like the rooms filled! If (IF!) we have 6 people per room, it'd be about $100 each for the weekend - not so bad at that point. Price will be divided per room, so it may not be worth it to keep the second room unless I get people in it. Money will be required by the week *before* we go to kon.

(another cost to consider would be parking fees at the hotel, but that comes later. Usually paid by splitting cost among riders per car, just like gas.)

Kristin, Jack, Ben, Billy, Heather, Kyle, Melissa W?
ROOM TWO: Mark, Jason. Bob? Jay?

Generally, people caravan from whatever city they're departing from.

Team Jackson has 7 people now, could increase to 8 or 9 people though. At least two cars will be required and it's doable but crowded to have more than 4 people per vehicle.

Does anyone have a car that they'd be willing to drive? Otherwise we'll have to look into rental vehicles and the cost therein. Best to know sooner than later on rentals.

Car One - Mark is driving, with Jason riding. Room for 2 more.

I haven't seen any plans on this. Only half mentioned so far was Ghostbusters. Could be done under $100 each I think but you're running out of time if you want to do anything with a group...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
REPLY if you have ideas on A-Kon Travel Arrangements, have your own room, etc and I'll mark it all down.
This can include room preferences, hotel changes, if you don't want to go, if you DO want to go (prereg info at the bottom), if you have a car or need a ride, etc.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
A-Kon prereg goes up on April 1st. Currently $45, will go up to $48. May 1st is the cut off date for preregistration.

There's a t-shirt contest going on. Winner gets free badges and hotel accomodations. Deadline is April 1st.

Also, I need to know who's in our group so that I can make group pick-up arrangements. This is due by May 1st.
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2009-06-29 02:30 pm
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¡A-Kon 2010!

♪ ♫ A-Kon 21 prereg is already open and waiting. ♫ ♪

I'm going to do a group pre-reg like I do every year. Current Pre-Reg rate is $30.00.
If we get 10 or more people registered, badges will be just $27 each (this is the same price as last year).

♪ ♫ REPLY IF YOU ARE INTERESTED! ♫ ♪ I'm cutting of group registration one month from today - that is MONDAY, JULY 27, 2009. This is the cheapest price available for the con.

There's been confusion in the past, but I can't afford to cover people. Sorry :(

Cash is best for you locals, but I'll also take a check mailed to my house, or paypal.
I've moved, so message me for my new address.
You can paypal it directly to me. I ask you add $2 per transfer to cover paypal fees. I think if you paypal via bank transfer, the fees are less? Let me know if you know about that. Message me for my email address.
I'll take charge with group pick-up as well on site, and you know how awesome avoiding those long lines can be!

Information needed per badge (all info required): INCLUDE THIS WITH YOUR PAYMENT!!
Last Name 
First Name 
Badge Name (Please limit to 18 characters and use US-standard numbers or letters only, no symbols, stressmarks, accent marks, umlauts, or other non-standard characters. Keep it clean.) 
Zip Code 

If I missed someone, or if you know people that are also interested, pass this along.